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Ueno, Shigekazu
Suimei 1-38-6, Otsu,
Shiga, Japan 520-0531

 if you are
 interested in a brief
 history around Japan,
 1-1 (price / delivery)
  Any case of translation fee difference
  before and after order?
@We always charge the same price with that of our estimate
  for each order. If any price difference happens due to
  original data change from the customers, we will re-issue 
  new estimate.
 1-2 (price / delivery)
  Proofreading possible?
  We accept order for proofreading only, too.  Price will be
   half of translation.
 1-3 (price / delivery)
  How about any other language besides
  Japanese and English?
@We are specialized in English/Japanese translation.
 1-4 (price / delivery)
  Is delivery time in the estimate
  the shortest?
@We always make effort for short delivery. However our
  estimate includes some margin for unexpected things.
 1-5 (price / delivery)
  Original document exchange acceptable?
  Yes, possible. However, extra charge may happen depending
  on volume difference and timing of exchange.
 1-6 (price / delivery)
  Extra charge for any correction?
  If you find the translated sentences not clear or not based on
  your special requirement, please let us know within 2 weeks
  after you receive the delivery. We will make free correction.
 1-7 (price / delivery)
  Cancellation after order will be OK?
  OK. However cancellation charge will be invoiced as follows:
  1) 70%    one day before delivery time in the estimate.
  2) 50%    two days before delivery time in the estimate.
  3) proportional percentage for earlier days depending on work     completion.
 1-8 (price / delivery)
  Any measure to minimize translation fee?
 1) Technical documents for in-house study only:   If you write
   your condition in request column, we will not translate short
   phrases etc. in specifications and so on.
 2) Business paper: You can save cost if you rewrite original
   documents simplifying sentence structure and summarizing
   points to be emphasized.
 2-1 (category)
  How about private letter translation?
  We are specialized in technical and business translation for
  corporations only.
 3-1 (quality)
  Additional proofreading by natives
  (Japanese into English)
  Not available at this moment.  However our translation is on-
  target English besed on over 20 year experience in real
  business front with world leading big enterprises. For easier
   understanding we may add short remarks about difference
  between cultures free of charge. 
 3-2 (quality)
  Machine translation available?
  We do not use translation machine.  Strictly speaking, even
  the highest softwareTrados available in the common market
  can not  flexiblly translate real business documents specially
  in legal and  patent fields. And, actual business world is full of
  complicated, ambiguous sentence structure and grammar.  1-38-6, Suimei, Otsu, Shiga, Japan 520-0531,     @English/Japanese Translation for
Industrial Technology, Engineering, General Science, Business Contract, Bid, Legal/Patent documents