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      Translate your technology into
                     on-target Japanese at reasonable cost
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Ueno, Shigekazu
Suimei 1-38-6, Otsu,
Shiga, Japan 520-0531

about us

 The translater, the respresentative of
  Shigekazu Ueno
  with experience for more than 20 years in solar cell, flat panel display and automobile production equipment
  related  manufacturers as a sales engineering manager.  
  Wide and well established know-how in manufacturing engineering and business transactions with leading
  makers overseas assures real-business-front and on-target translation between Japanese and English.

  Suimei 1-38-6, Otsu, Shiga,
  Japan 520-0531
  Tel: 881-77-576-2748

several points


 1. We will sign non-disclosure agreement with each customer abroad.
 2. We will not disclose any confidentiality about your technology, business and any other
    confidentiality related matters about your company to any third party.

Price, Delivery and Payment Conditions

[1] translation fee:           An estimate will be sent for each inquiry.

[2] minimum charge:         We will receive each order for US$100 and over.  

[3] other charges beside translation fee:
@                              (i) Bank transfer charge in case of remittance from bank.
                                (ii) Document home delivery charge if hard copy delivery is
                                    required by the customers.

[4] delivery:                     We will try our best to meet delivery hope of
                                    the customers.  Eash quotation will show delivery time.

[5] order and payment:   
                                (i) Please make an order within 2 weeks after our quote
                                    arrival, otherwise re-estimation will be the condition.@
                                (ii) Payment by transfer through bankers or by a check for
                                     each order within two weeks after you receive the last
                                     part of translated documents/format.

[6] claim on quality
                                (i) We are always intent on high quality translation. However,
                                    if you are not satisfied in quality, we will make adequate
                                    repair on the work subject to the request within 2 weeks
                                    after you receive the translation, or we will make refund
                                    of full order value as the maximum compensation
                                    regardless of the value of your claim on loss.
    1-38-6, Suimei, Otsu, Shiga, Japan 520-0531     English /Japanese Translation for
   Industrial Technology, Engineering, General Science,  Business Contract, Bid, Legal/Patent English