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Ueno, Shigekazu
Suimei 1-38-6, Otsu,
Shiga, Japan 520-0531
Specialized Fields
Industry Category 25-year experience in real business front
Solar Cell   Shell Solar, Kodak, Enegy Conversion Device,
  Dow Corning, DuPont
Flat Panel Display   Samsung, LG Philps, AUO, CMO, Qualcomm,
  CPT, Wintek, BOE China
Automobile   GM, Ford, Chrysler, Audi, Volvo, Tata, GM Canada,
  UK Chrysler
Printing   Heidelberg, Bobst, Kamph, Alcan,
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Documents to be worked out
Technology & Business Documents
  Technical & Engineering
 Instruction Manual,  Specifications, Catalog,  Installation Order,  Maintenance Manual, Training Manual, Research Papaer,
 Lecture Draft, Speciality  Journal  Article  Draft, Mechanical
 Equipment  Patent 
   Contract, Legal  Equipment Purchasing Agreement, Agency  Agreement, Technical
 Tie-up Contract, Technology Developement Agreement,
 Non-disclosure Agreement, Bidding Condition
   General Business   Financial Statements  1-38-6, Suimei, Otsu, Shiga, Japan 520-0531     English /Japanese Translation for
Industrial Technology, Engineering, General Science, Business Contract, Bid, Legal/Patent documents